Pearl of the Indian Ocean

The Mauritius of today is the result of turbulent and oftentimes dramatic developments which took place over the past few centuries. From an isolated volcanic rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean, pristine and blissfully untouched by human beings for aeons, with lush green foliage overgrowing on its rugged mountains, unique and exotic trees, ferns and flowers blossoming all over its lush valleys; waters cascading and tumbling down its mountain slopes, forming rivers and flowing into turquoise lagoons, where the waves of the Indian Ocean never cease to pound onto white sandy shores, Mauritius has come a long way.

Nature’s beauty is still there; sometimes painfully intense, such as during the colourful sunsets, the deep blue of the ocean, reflecting myriad shades of turquoise, or through the wonderful flowers growing in lush abundance in even the most unexpected places. There is even something beautiful in the fast growing cities and of course within the people who dwell on this unique island; descendants of Dutch, French, Malagasy, African, Indian, European and Chinese settlers; some of whom came of their free will; some dragged in chains and some blown in by the winds of fate. History has been lived many times over again through the songs that have been composed, the poems that have been recited, and the books that have been written.

And now it’s your turn to come and visit the island with many names: the Pearl of the Indian Ocean; the Star and the Key; Paradise Revisited or simply the most wonderful island fulfilling your dream of the perfect holiday: Welcome to Mauritius!

1.2 million


2040 km2

Total Area

Port Louis



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